Quality Carriers Launches New Bulk Rail Intermodal Service

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 - Quality Carriers, Inc. (“Quality Carriers”), the leading North American bulk chemical carrier, has launched a new bulk rail intermodal service across North America.
"We are extremely excited to announce our new bulk intermodal service,” stated Randy Strutz, President, Quality Carriers. “This product is in response to the current capacity issues facing the bulk industry due to driver shortages.  We anticipate this capacity crunch to become even more severe with the dramatic chemical industry expansion underway due to low cost natural gas.  Our new intermodal offering allows us to provide our customers with greater shipping capacity while freeing up driver capacity to allow us to leverage our strongest asset, our drivers, in more efficient ways.”
 "We completed testing of this service with our Western rail partner earlier this quarter and have begun initial shipments with some of our largest customers.  Our initial focus has been in major chemical corridors between the Gulf Coast and California and the Gulf Coast and greater Chicago. We expect to ramp up our market coverage to the East Coast, Canada, and Mexico over the next few quarters," continued Mr. Strutz.
“If you are interested in how this new product offering can provide you additional capacity at competitive pricing, please contact us at Intermodal@QualityDistribution.com.”
Quality Carriers, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quality Distribution, Inc., operates the largest chemical bulk logistics network in North America. Quality Carrier’s network of independent affiliates and independent owner-operators provides nationwide bulk transportation and related services. Quality Carriers is an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® Partner and is a core carrier for many of the Fortune 500 companies that are engaged in chemical production and processing.

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CFO, Quality Carriers
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