Driver Testimonials

Steve Sorensen
Company Driver
I just love working with the people at this company and the customers couldn't be better. Throughout all the swings in the economy this job has remained tremendously stable and even after all these years I still find it very interesting.
Barbara Hurley
Affiliate Driver
At QC you are not a faceless name on a computer. If you have any kind of an issue there is always someone here who will listen to you and help you resolve it. Being here is like being at home with family and friends.
Howard Sealy
Owner Operator
“Time spent working at Quality Carriers is not only successful but also rewarding for me. The people here are great to work with.
Patrick McCoy
Owner Operator
Luling, LA
Gulf Coast Express Carriers
“I worked for QC for nearly 7 of my 15 years as a commercial driver. While I left for a period of time a few years ago I am pleased to have found my way back under GCEC. It is a process to learn everything necessary to be successful but I have found that the people I work with and the established processes makes the learning curve easier. It is clear to me that the driver is a priority in their business planning and growth and that helps me continue to have confidence in my future with QC and GCEC.”
Jaime Ochoa
Owner Operator
I like working for QC because for the most part I can choose my own loads, I get to be home with my family on most weekends and the fact that the company takes safety very seriously makes me feel safer while I'm on the road.
Jim Hamilton
Affiliate Driver
I've been a QC/LMI driver with Bob and Jody for many years. I knew Jody when she was in high school as her father owned the company that Jody and Bob own today. I meet Bob in 1985 as he became my dispatcher for Lindsey Motor Express. I'm the senior driver off the Cincinnati 870 board. The most important thing to me is making a good living for my wife Judy and myself. A close second is communication and third is respect! I feel we have that here in Cincinnati. The feeling part of a family here at QC/LMI is very important to me. I also believe in our management teams ability to do their job as much as they trust me to do my job. My living is good, drive a Peterbilt and travel most states year after year. I plan to drive here until I retire from trucking. Then, I hope to find something in the office in order to remain part of a family using my skills to offer support any way I can...
Bassett Robins
Owner Operator
I’ve been with QC for all these years because I felt they were the best company out there to work for and I’ve always been able to support his family. I see and speak with a lot of drivers while on the road and from listening to them I’m confident I’ve made the correct choice. I like pulling liquid and like the people I work with. I’m always moving, if the wheels aren't rolling the company isn’t making money.
Tony Fisher
Company Driver
I began working for QC back in Jan of 1992. Regrettably I had to leave QC in June of 1998 and move my family south. We decided to move back to WI in Feb of 1999 and I have been here at the Bristol terminal ever since. In these two different stints I have more than 22 year here and have put on more than 2.5 million miles with QC. This Bristol terminal is a great terminal to work with as they have always treated me right, and I will be here until I retire.