Quality Carriers Electronic Log System

In-cab mobile communications enables our drivers to electronically log their hours worked, miles driven and other pertinent job related activities. This enables our drivers to make better use of their time while our offices receive service and performance data in real-time. This enables our dispatchers to be more effective and efficient with load planning, fleet management and pre-planned load assignments maximizing productivity while ensuring everyone adheres to legal driving hours-of-services limits.

Increased productivity, heightened profitability and optimized driver performance and route planning are just a few of the benefits our drivers and our company derive from this mobile communications. As a driver removing the burden of endless logging paperwork and mind-numbing manual calculations, our drivers and support teams can now focus their energies on delivering the quality service and timely delivery our valued customers expect from Quality Carriers. Driver availability is updated immediately, and the next load is planned and routed to ensure enhanced effectiveness and efficiency. Miles are increased, violations are decreased and, customer satisfaction rises.

At Quality Carriers, we believe that working smarter is the key to maintaining the competitive advantage we enjoy, as well as the quality service our customers rely on. To find out more about our mobile communications platform and its capabilities, call us at 1-877-967-5472.

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