Quality Carriers: Quality Cares

At Quality Carriers, we take a proactive approach to driver satisfaction via our Quality Cares program. The program is designed to improve the driver experience from the on-boarding process through the critical first 90-days of transition and throughout the driver's tenure with the company.

The Quality Cares program is staffed by a dedicated team of driver advocates who work closely with our affiliate partners to ensure that we are focused on delivering a positive experience for our drivers.

The ​Quality Cares program is segmented into three essential parts;

New Drivers

  • Benefit from our exclusive "touch point" schedule
  • Revenue monitoring

Incumbent Drivers

  • Team provides advocacy and guidance
  • Tenure recognition - Driver Anniversary Gifts

Driver Communication

  • Dedicated driver forum with the President of QC - "Ask Randy"
  • Driver-centric quarterly newsletter
  • Dedicated email links to support dedicated communications

At Quality Carriers, we understand that being a truck driver is not a 9 to 5 job and that there are some sacrifices you make in order to ensure that the load gets delivered safely and securely.

We appreciate everything you do... Quality Cares!

Quality Carriers. Delivering Excellence.