An Unyielding Commitment to Safety

At Quality Carriers, safety means so much to us, we put it first on the list of our company’s core values. Safety is at the heart of everything we do, to the point where it permeates our corporate culture. As a company, we have a duty to protect and ensure the safety of every driver, every customer, every employee and every citizen.

As a company, we enjoy a well-earned reputation as one of the safest carriers in the bulk tank trucking industry, and we consistently rank in the top of our industry in terms of driver safety, compliance, and performance.  Safety is an obligation we take seriously and a passion we never compromise. 

We create a safe environment for our drivers through the use of safety technology throughout our fleet.  Quality Carriers partners with the leading providers of Electronic Logging Devices and Electronic On-board Recording Devices, and we are constantly researching other safety related technologies.  Additionally, Quality Carriers has been a long-time Responsible Care certified member established by the American Chemistry Council. Quality Carriers maintains a satisfactory rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a regulatory division of the Department of Transportation (DOT) .

Quality Carriers is committed and rigorously adheres to the Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) standards and protocols. We choose to work only with drivers who achieve and maintain scores well below the thresholds deemed acceptable by the CSA protocols. We place a high regard on the driver’s ability to maintain compliance with these protocols in the areas of on-road behavior, as well as vehicle and equipment standards. 

Through an unrelenting journey to safety excellence, Quality Carriers does its part to ensure highway safety for everyone traveling on North America's roadways. Quality cares, safety matters, and your most important stop is home.  To find out more about Quality Carriers and our commitment to safety, please call us at 1-800-282-2031.

Quality Carriers. Delivering Excellence.