Quality Carriers and Driver Training

As a complement to our unyielding commitment to safety is an equally unrelenting commitment to ensuring that our drivers are the best trained and best performing drivers in the industry. At Quality Carriers, we do not view driver training as something that happens only at the beginning of a driver’s career. We view training as an on-going effort to ensure that our drivers stay on top of important industry developments, issues and technologies.

We implement training strategies that ensure our drivers can continue career-long learning whether they are on-site, on the road or at home. Each driver training class is designed to provide a positive impact on every aspect of driver assignments and responsibilities. Driver training is delivered through a variety of modes and media: Classroom Instructor-Led, Online, Computer-based Training (CBT) and On-the-Job Training (OJT). We ensure that each training session is both interesting and informative.

Initially, training is used as a means of orienting Quality Carriers drivers to a variety of topics. These include:
  • Our company’s structure, culture and history,
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Employee benefits
  • Federal regulations governing our industry
  • Technologies in use on the job
As training progresses, our drivers become deeply immersed in subject areas that help them become experts in every aspect of their jobs, as well as the trucks, trailers and other equipment they use to get the job done.
Those who excel and show an aptitude for teaching can take advantage of our ‘Train the Trainer’ strategies to become certified and expert trainers themselves. This program provides a new career path for veteran drivers.
We continually update our training materials and technologies to ensure that our drivers stay current with changes in the industry and the regulations that govern what we do. Since a large portion of the material is available in streaming media, training is convenient for our drivers as they balance work life and home life.
This industry-best training is just one more way Quality Carriers invests in the success not only of our drivers, but also the success of our company and our valued customers. We understand that our drivers play a key role in everything we do, and training helps us ensure that only the very best people in the industry serve our customers. To find out more about the best driver-training program in our industry, call us at 1-800-282-2031.

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